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Michael W. Garrell

Michael W. Garrell is an Architectural graduate of Southern Technical Institute (Southern Poly). In the 1980s, Mike honed his skills working in construction-related energy initiatives as well as for local architects and builders. In 1993 Mike launched his own firm with no pre-designed plans,the firm’s early days were both exciting and daunting. In every design meeting with builders, Mike would take careful notes, and then go off to transform what he had learned into practical yet compelling residential products. Armed with his new creations, they would go to work convincing those same builders and developers that his designs would outsell the competition. They did.

Every day is another opportunity to create ever better, more distinctive, and more livable designs – designs that make a home a joy and a treasure

Michael cares about each client and becomes a faithful steward of their dreams, keeping loyal clients coming back. That caring extends to their community as well. Thousands of his clients would agree.